Tuesday, March 3, 2009

sex story-mom son sex

I am raju now 20 years. Now enjoying daily with my mother radha now 40. The story begins like that I was very much fond of sex from age of 10 years. My friend's use brings different kinds of nude photos magazine to school. Times passed they brought some sex storybooks of different kind. But I mainly liked stories that based on married women how they are starve for sex if the don't get from their husbands. I even think this story and started masturbating daily at night. As we were only three in our house, my self-raju, my mother radha and my father Ramesh. We lived in a two-bedroom apartment. One shared by my parents. And other by myself. So got lots of privacy to read sex book and masturbate and release my cum. It made me habit that with out masturbating I cant sleep. Days passed my sex deserve increased. And I become a regular reader of sex stories. As I am a south Indian so even tried from my friends and got some south Indian books also. Till now I don't get any feeling about my mother, as she too is a married women. I never had any intention on my mind. As my mother too starve for sex as my father was in gulf and use to come in one-month leave in every year.Now I was 15 still continued my habit. My father has come for his holidays. He told that he will purchase a computer for me so that he can sent email to us from gulf. And to have completed my 10th Std. So he told that it would be useful for my further studies also. So he brought the computer with Internet connection also. And computer was fixed in my room. I have read lots of mother incest stories in this period still then I never had any bad intension. To Know about my mother she always wear sari, in the house she use wear cotton sari and in any functions she use to wear silk sari. When father was her she use to wear nightwear's in the bedroom and till her bath in the morning. After that she use to wear sari only.When father was in gulf she use to wear sari in night also. As father had only brought the nightwear for hear. After father's back to gulf she use to wear sari all the time. Think was that PC is in my room I have thought my mother how to check emails so that she c an check mails of father from gulf. So she has to come to my room to sit in the PC. Now a day I need more books to ready so my friends told my about some sites were I can get stories from that site. I know that mummy comes any time to sit in PC. So I use to take printouts of the story to read and masturbate in the night.Days went I can see changes in mother as she use to wear her nightwear in the absence of my father. First I thought I might be due to summer she might have wore the nightwear. After few I found she has brought some new nighties and she even wears in day time also. Which exposed her big boobs. Now I also have collected lots of mom and son insects. So slowly due to moms behavior I also fall on love to her. But I was very confused how to approach my own mom. Who had given birth. But due her dressing which revealed most of her big boobs. As she looked very beautiful now a day as she is just 35 at that time and this is not a oldies age. And now a days I was thinking more and spend more time in house with her helping in some way to other. So after long way I thought I have to do something to get her so I decided to expose my cock to her but how. As she wakes me up in the morning at 7.00 daily with a bed coffee. I use to wear my lungi during night but till days I use to wear my underwear also so I decided to remove my underwear and let my lungi to go by side and exposed my cock halfly to she her reaction. In the morning as usual she brought coffee to me and was saw my erected cock sliding out side my lungi she was bit confused but at the same time she was also some erection. She stared for some times and went back. She went inside her bedroom. So I peeped through the keyhole I was shocked to see my mom. As mom lifted her nightwear upto her tits and fingering inside her pussy. I could not see properly but found that the pussy with lots of hair. Till day I use thing why this married ladies go and get sex with other persons with I have read in the stories but now I came to know that they also have the feel like us. So I thought that I should do some thing to my mother and how to do I was confused.So did my tricks daily. And found lot of change in mothers attitude. She use take lots of care for me. She uses to make the entire dish I wish more for my lunch and dinners. Both need each other very much but afraid of what would mother think that his own son is having a intension of sex with her mom. The same mom who gave birth to him. And his son is willing to pond the same pussy wear he took birth. Thinking mother I use masturbate daily. Now a day I use to masturbate in daytime also. During daytime I use to go to toilet and masturbate. One afternoon as I was masturbating in my toilet, my mother came to my room to check mails in PC. She found some papers in the bed and that are some of the printouts of mother son incest's. when I came out I found that my mom is reading the stories. I was stunt to see that I have not keep the printout in side my self. Her face was in angry. I thought I would get nice shot from her. She left the printouts and went out. I felt ashamed to she my mother I was thinking what to do and how to face mother. It was at 8.00 mother called me to have dinner. I went and not seen mothers face. We both had our dinner I finished quickly so that I can leave the place soon. As soon as I finished my dinner and was ready to leave to told bring all the sex related books and printout to bring. I felt very bad and was scarred the I will be punished by my mother I brought some printout and 3 language sex book kept in the table and went back. I was confused in my room what will happen now. After lots of confusion I made my mind to sleep. It was 12 I heard a knock I opened the door and it was mother look more sexy than before. She was wearing a nightwear with center button and she had left open the top button and the material was so light that I could clearly see her bra and undergarments. I was afraid what will happen she came in and asked what is this showing the printouts which she asked. I thought she might vanish all the things but she came with that printout. I said I am sorry and I will not do again. She asked when did u asked this I told from the age of 11. She then told so that's the reason the your cock has grow to such big size. I was totally ashamed that I have been caught by mother. Then she showed a story with mom and son incests and asked how dare to ready such stories. Then she asked u might have also thought of fucking. I remain quit she asked again. Then I nodded my head saying yes. After that I was shocked by things happen after. She then throw away the printouts and said then why are u wasting your time in reading this stories and satisfying your minds when u can satisfy your body by having me. On hearing this my cock shoot up. he asked weather I had sex with anyone I said no. Ok then she said that don't think of having sex with any other women to be safe in your life. I am hear to satisfy u. Now I hugged her and planted a kiss which she too responded. While kissing with one hand I pressed her big boobs. This continued for a while and I slowly undressed her nightwear. And she slowly asked me are u going to suck or fuck me first I said that I will fuck first and suck afterwards. So I removed her undergarments and now was in her bra. And she pulled my lungi and she know that I wont wear my underwear in the night she found that my cock was facing 90 degree straight. I laid her in the bed and laid above her. As this was my first sex experience so she took my cock and kept in her pussy lip and told me to insert, I made a jerk to push in it went halfly and it was tight also as it was been used by my father 9 months before. And keep on made pressure to push in and with my 6th jerk it went inside fully. Now mother was moaning come on do it fast I cant control my desires. So played in and out with my cock as fast as I can. Mother was moaning loudly. So I planted a kiss to stop her moaning. I continued to 2-3 Min and I have reached my climax and ejected my cum inside her pussy. was not happy to cum so earlier, but mom told this was because of his first time he had cummed earlier. I laid on her top still my cock inside. She now told that u have fucked then now its time to suck. Come on suck my bib boobs which have feeded u 15 years back. I removed her bra and sucked her big boob with one had pressing one other in my mouth this continued for 15 min. by the time I regained my power in my cock which was still inside. And the power regained was felt by mom. So she told that u regained the power come no this time u should climax me too. I gain started with some slow moves of my cock in and out. Now slowly I increased my speed. Now mom moaned that she is going to get her climax. With few min. we both got our climax. Both the juicies mixed in moms pussy. She hugged me tightly. We stay for few min. that way.Then I got up and took the cock out and laid near mom hugging and kissing. After few minutes of time she told me that she know that I am reading this kinds of stories. And very interested in having sex. She even saw some pics. In my computer. She too was confused how to start this and the time came we were in the same bed. She told that she very fond of having sex but his father is in gulf and has no other way to have sex. This gave me lot love to my mom and I told that I love u mom and she too replied the same. In that night we slept at 4 by the time we had 1 more section again. We both slept naked in the same bed. Morning at 9 I waked by her still she was naked brought a cup of coffee. She thanked me and said this type of sex was enjoyed by her when they were newly married couples. After my father went to gulf see was deserving a lot for sex but she could not find. She want me to satisfy her on the absence of my father. We had a kiss and she left to kitchen. I went to toilet to complete my morning dutys and went to kitchen to find her. Now she was wearing her nightwear I hugged her from behind and pressed her big boobs. She was preparing breakfast for us. I lifted her nightwear and inserted my cock from back. She too adjusted the back for my convinence. I have inserted in asshole and cummed inside her asshole. Then we both went to have our bath together had our breakfast. And I went out.I came at 3 to have my lunch and had a section in the noon. And in night we finished our dinner at 8 and went to bed. No this time I asked mom to tell her what she was willing she told me that she want my cock in her mouth I told that this is now yours u can use whenever u need. She told the cock in the hand and then pun her in the mouth. She was giving a nice blowjob for 20 min I was going to have the climax I told that I am going to cum she told that she want the cum to eat. So I cummed inside her mouth she drank all the cum still then she is not talking my cock out. I told that the energy is been released out. Then why she is having the cock in the mouth she told that she want more. But I told that I too want to taste ur pussy. She then told why don't we have a 69 position in which both can be satisfied at a same time. So we changed our position. I licked moms pussy it smelt nice. I inserted my tongue inside and gave nice tongue fuck. With 25 min both went to our climax. This way we did for 2 more times in the night. In this way we continued our sex life. I use hug her were ever she may be and now a days she use to wear dress that look sexy. She also hug me catch my cock and play with that. We use to go for a movie, beach and dinner. And she takes me along to purchase her undergarments also as if I am her husband. She also take some tablet to be un pregnant from me. Times went on went father was back with next leave for one month.Father was surprised to see mother and the changes he told her that see looked as if see is just 21 and cant have a child. With this sentence mom struck to an idea of having our baby. So she ask me about I was very happy to hear this idea. So We have to plan how to do this. As father was there so we could not have our section. But mom is been screwed by father daily. After a week Father told that he is going out of the town to meet his friends family there and it will take 5 day to come back as he has to collect so gifts to his friends from his family so father lived us alone. He left in the morning to his friends town. So mom told that we should get marry and today we will be newly couple and celebrate our night. We went to shopping and brought a mangalsutra so that can be tied in mothers neck. We brought some new cloths also. At night after 8.30 we completed our dinner and went to our room to get ready for our marriage. I told it should be a different marriage. So the different was that we wont were any cloths but only wear Flower change and golden ornaments and nothing more. That mean a naked marriage. Mom was well makeup with all her jewellery. She has removed the mangalsutra of my father. We hand some candles lighted in the floor we took feera of the fire but mother hold my cock and was in the front. And after the feera I tied the mangalsutra to mom and she felt shy as if she was being married for the first time. Then she told that the good time to first night is at 11 so u go and get ready for first night and she went to her room. I have decorated my room for our first night. At sharp 11 mom came with new silk saree with flowers in the head as a new dulgan. And was with a new silk shirt and silk dhoti. She came slowly fall on my legs to get blessings and gave me milk which I drank half and gave to her. She also drank and kept the glass aside and now I hugged her and kissed her in neck and mouth. I have not unbuttoned her blouse but lifted her sari and inner skirt up and inserted my cock and fucked hard she was moaning as if it was he first time be fucked. I fucked for 30 min and ejected my cum inside her pussy. We slept not doing anything more. But in the next day I have not allowed to wear her dress and fucked her throught out the day. At 5 in the evening father called that he had reached there and will stay for the day will get back next day. So till father come we had more than 30 times fucked. And father came stayed for a week and left to gulf. After 3 months mother gave a good news that she is pregnant we also informed to dad, he was very happy thinging that is my sister. But I and mom knows that she is my daughter, as by scanning we found that it is female. After 9 months she gave a baby. By the time my father also came back from his leave before he has to come so look the baby. He was very happy to have a baby.But he doesn't know that its mine. He stayed for a month and left now I have take care of my baby and her mother as she have just given birth to a baby.In the day she use to feed the baby her milk and in the night she use to feed me the milk. We again started our fuck and section. This continued till now the baby is called as Rani at the age of 3 and by next year she will be sent to school. Now day mother don't like father coming every year she also told him not to come every year. But to come once in two year as father thought may be he has to earn more for her daughter for her futher. Let him earn for me and my daughter as I am her to satisfy his wife (my mom).


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    1. I can help you his story may be fantasy but it is fact in my friend SUDHAMOYS life. He used to fuck his mom regularly from the days of 2006 when he was 22 and one year back at his 21his dad expired in a motorbike accident leaving his 43years old beautiful wife RINA (sudhamoys mother)

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